"Jadi apabila anak itu memerdekakan kamu, kamupun benar-benar merdeka" (Yohanes 8:36)

Rehabilitasi Wanita

Breakthrough Missions is an outreach ministry for the drug addicts that was established on 1 July 1983 in Singapore. In the year 1994 and 1999, our ministry was invited to share the Gospel of life transformation in Jakarta and east-west Java. Thereafter in 2002, we extended our ministry in Indonesia, Sentul City as Breakthrough Missions Indonesia (YMBI) - a facility able to capacitate 100 people. Praise the Lord! He has led YMBI into 8 years of service in aiding the drug addicts to experience life-transforming power of Jesus Christ. However-so, YMBI is solely a male halfway house which does not admit female addicts in Indonesia. In 2010, after years of praying and seeking the Lord, He opened a door of opportunity for us. Through His Calling and Vision, we started the female drug rehabilitation ministry in Sentul City; calling for equal opportunity as the male addicts in experiencing new lease of life in our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord again! He has called upon His faithful women disciples with fervent hearts to pioneer the female ministry. Undergone training in YMBI, the Women’s Drug Gospel Rehabilitation Home was officially inaugurated this December 2010.

This is a non-profitable ministry anchoring in faith and entrusting in God’s Grace. We seek to fulfill the call in spreading the Gospel and discipleship. The Women’s Drug Gospel Rehabilitation Home offers 7 months of life-rebuilding programme and 5 months of after-care programme. We keep in prayers for the day to come when these female addicts taste the goodness of Christ, bringing contributions to the society and be a blessing to their families. May all glory and praises be to God. Amen.