"Jadi apabila anak itu memerdekakan kamu, kamupun benar-benar merdeka" (Yohanes 8:36)

Frankie Lee (Management Committee)


'To err is human', the adage goes; 'to forgive, divine'. Breakthrough works to enact that principle in the lives of teenage drug addicts in Indonesia. Seven years after its inception, Breakthrough has gained a valuable vantage point from which to survey the triumphs won and lessons learned since it began pursuing its mission.

The vision of Breakthrough is twofold. First, it seeks to provide a caring and supportive space where recovering addicts can receive effective rehabilitation treatment. Second, it works to provide the foundations of Christian teaching on which reformed residents can build a worthwhile new life. To these ends, Breakthrough engages in a number of activities, all of which have undergone improvement since their beginning. To look after their physical health, we require residents to perform physical exercise on a daily basis. To impart a sound spiritual education, residents are invited to pray and join a bible study group while they remain with Breakthrough. Finally, we have for several years offered courses in basic skills to facilitate re-assimilation into society for addicts who have demonstrated the competence and the willingness to learn. Examples of these courses include car polishing and copper-toning – humble skills and work discipline building which, we hope, will nonetheless aid them in finding work when they have graduated from Breakthrough. As one of the management committee, I feel honoured to work under spiritual seniors who have been ministering in Breakthrough for years. I am also very pleased to say we have a core team of dedicated staff who are performing their roles to the best of their ability and with deep brotherly love for the addicts whom we take in. I wish to express deep appreciation for their personal sacrifices and untiring efforts in bringing our vision to fruition.

Breakthrough has come a long way since its inception seven years ago. We are confident that in Christ we will build on what we have achieved. We would be most grateful to have your support and partnership in the continuing journey ahead.